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Our Team

"Meet Our Exceptional Team of Experts"

"Discover the Talented Individuals Behind Our Vision and Success"

Mr. Sarvesh Kakkeri

With over a decade of experience in the tech industry and seven years dedicated to teaching, Mr. Sarvesh Kakkeri stands as a seasoned professional. Having personally mentored over 1000 students and managed relationships with 500+ clients globally, he co-founded Cleancode 5X awarded and Cubiccode a 3X and awarded company. His influence extends beyond business, as a TEDx Speaker and the current Head Organizer of Google Developer Group Belgaum, where he continues to contribute to the tech community's growth and innovation.

  • Mr. Ashim Kamat

    With over 25 years of expertise in Business Operations. Having successfully bootstrapped a company with an annual turnover surpassing 20 crores and managing a workforce of over 100 employees, Mr. Kamat brings strategic prowess to our leadership. His track record of excellence and passion for talent development form the foundation of Cleancode's commitment to delivering exceptional training solutions as a co-founder and operations head.

  • Mr. Karan Bajaj

    Meet our esteemed advisor, an Indian tech entrepreneur and author, renowned for founding WhiteHat Jr., later acquired by BYJU'S in 2020. Holding an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and a B.A. diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, he seamlessly blends business acumen and technical expertise. With prior contributions at Procter & Gamble and a CEO stint at Discovery Networks in Mumbai, he currently mentors Sarvesh and Cleancode, leaving an indelible mark on the tech and education sectors.

  • Mr. Arpan Garg

    The visionary founder of Commudle, has revolutionized global developer communities through his platform. As a member of the Google For Startups Accelerator and head organizer of Google Developer Group New Delhi, his leadership fuels innovation. With a decade in tech, Arpan previously served as the founding member and Product Head for business Tech and Process Flows at Coding Ninjas. A tech mentor to Sarvesh and Cleancode, his influence extends through mentorship and entrepreneurial ventures, shaping the tech landscape.

  • Mrs.Christine Harper

    With over 15 years of experience, serves as the general manager of the International Collegiate Alliance, facilitating students in their pursuit of quality education abroad. Her collaboration with Cleancode focuses on augmenting students' learning by providing global certifications from esteemed institutions like the Academy of Kingston and Dublin Institute of Technology. Mrs. Harper's unwavering commitment to enhancing international education highlights her significant impact in the field.

  • Manish Pandey

    Recognized as the 'Bade Bhaiyya' by numerous renowned creators and influencers, he holds a deep personal passion for content, communication, and climate change. A significant portion of his time is dedicated to mentoring and collaborating with emerging content creators, YouTubers, innovative startups, founders, and aspiring young leaders both in India and globally. Serving as a content mentor to Sarvesh Kakkeri (MD-Cleancode), he actively contributes to the development and guidance of individuals in various spheres.